Gabrielle update

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We firstly have been humbled by the outpouring of support since Cyclone Gabrielle. We want to extend gratitude out to all those who have placed seed orders even when we were unable to dispatch them and to those in a position to donate to help replace our badly damaged water system. In total we have raised just over $3500 from 59 generous donors to date, thank you so much to all those who donated! We have also had a lot of the repair work done and can confirm that the repairs to our water system have come to just over $6500. We also have a little more work on our water system to be done to get us back to where we were pre cyclone. So, if you had considered donating and have yet to do so, we are still accepting donations and now we have a clearer idea of what we need to raise. Every little bit helps and we are very grateful for anything you can give, as we know times are hard for many.

At 2 months since Gabrielle hit, we are still working in catch up mode in some areas and although SH2 has been opened to residents and essential services the postal system has not resumed as normal. We are receiving some post sporadically and we still need to drive our post to town. For this reason, we are only sending orders out once a week. Despite all of this, we are so glad to have our water system functioning and to be able to water our tunnel houses and newly planted crops with a hose again! We want to shout out to our star employee Kiersten-Anna who for 6 weeks watered everything by hand with our two watering cans using rainwater we were able to harvest off our roofs! Not mention how amazing a long hot shower can be when your muscles have not had that sort of relaxation in so long. Running water is such a gift, we are truly grateful to have it back in plenitude.

Donate now to help rebuild our water system.