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Kiersten-Anna Sethas Seeds

A huge thank you must go out to Kiersten-Anna, our star employee who not only has held together all the needs of the garden, but has also since arriving taken on the responsibilities in the office that make sure you all get speedy replies from your queries and orders. To top it off, she gets on so well with our daughter, she has helped with childcare while I get on with all of my office responsibilities. Oh, and did I mention she is a great cook and has an outstanding sense of humour! Teamwork makes the dream work folks, and we are grateful to have such a fantastic team.

And please let’s take a moment to finally introduce Kiersten-Anna to you, by sharing a little bit about her history with food and gardening and how she came to want to work here at Setha’s Seeds:


“My Mama has influenced me hugely in my love of food and organics; I grew up with a strong focus on healthy and organic food in our home. After I left school, I worked in Europe in a vegetarian hotel which had organic gardens providing the kitchens with produce. I loved this experience immensely, and it taught me so much, fully forming my love of cooking and hospitality.

Back in Dunedin, I continued to work in hospitality, ending up in a beautiful bagel shop that was committed to local and high-quality ingredients. While working there, my dear friend and flat mate inspired me to come out into the garden with her and do as I please in it. We had such a wonderful home with a shared love for vegetables (and wine). I found going out into the garden to be very calming and restorative, especially after a busy day in the kitchen.

One of my favourite things about the garden is that even if I abandoned her for weeks, when I came back out, she would always be growing something for me, and it would be just what I needed. My partner at the time suggested I try to work in gardens, which opened my mind to different possibilities.

Working for Setha and Roddy is a joy and a great privilege. Every day feels as though I am absorbing new wisdom and knowledge. Whether it is from the garden, their family, or simply from living a “quieter’’ country life. Finding myself working for Setha’s Seeds feels like I am exactly where I am meant to be, and something that was a part of my life story long before I knew it to be so. I am excited to see in Spring for the second time around!”


An Invitation

We would like to continue to extend an invitation for community here on the farm.

ince last year when we first put the call out, we have had a family join us here on the land along with Kiersten-Anna. It has been such a joyous experience to have more people here and see the benefits we all gain from living together.

Please see our website for more information and let anyone you think may be interested know about these opportunities.