Why we have lowered our seed prices

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We would like to help those in need. We have been aware for some time that the times are changing. People are hurting financially from the cost-of-living crisis, living through the Covid experience and now the cyclone disaster. People need to deepen their connection with nature and access high quality seeds now more than ever, so that more people can take up gardening and provide some of their own produce while releasing their reliance on over-priced supermarket vegetables. 

We have decided to drop our seed prices as of March 2023. We want to be part of a solution that highlights the fact that we are all connected and rely on each other on this earth.

We have decreased the price per packet from $4.00 down to $3.00.

We are still taking donations for our damaged water system, so, if you are not hurting financially, please hit the Donate Button and top up your order to what it would have cost prior to our price decrease, or if you choose, give more. We leave it up to you. If you are hurting and still can’t afford our seeds at $3.00/packet, please email us, we want seeds to be available to all. How can you help if you don’t have extra funds? Please spread the word, share our social media posts, tell all your friends, we have NZ grown seeds and we are selling them at an affordable price.

Despite all the destruction, we feel prosperous and are grateful for all that we have. We would love to sell more seeds for less, spread the love around and be able to afford to employ another employee and really crank out the seed. It is all possible with your help, our valued customers. We rely on you to spread the word of the good work we are doing at Setha’s Seeds, we cannot do this without you and we do hope that all of you are safe and sound and have your loved ones close.