Germination Pledge & Organic Declaration

Our seeds have been grown organically, in cooperation with nature, using methods that build soil and regenerate the land. Each batch has passed our Germination Test. If you are not satisfied, please contact us.

This is a declaration for our seeds and plant material. All seeds and plant material grown and sold under the Setha’s Seeds label are grown using organic methods. We do not use herbicides, insecticides or fungicides on our crops. We instead work with nature and build soil while growing our crops. We make compost on site from our garden refuse and our organic animal manures. We use cover cropping as a means of soil building. All equipment used on our property is owned by us. All our seeds are GMO free. None of our seeds have been treated. We use certified organic potting mix in our nursery for all our seeds and plants.

If you require a signed copy of our declaration for your organic certifier, please get in touch.