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Setha Roddy and River Rose of Sethas Seeds NZ


Season's Greetings!

What a lovely spring we have had! For Hawke’s Bay we have had the wettest spring in our memory. It has been a dream for establishing all the seed crops and they are really pumping. Hoping everyone else around the country has had such a productive start to the season!?

We wanted to touch base for a few reasons. One to let you know we have harvested a delightful crop of our Early garlics and we will be offering some seed for sale in the new year. As our crop was completely rust free, we really think we have cracked this growing in the presence of rust and we will aim to hold back more seed than we have done recently to try to boost our production up closer to what we used to grow pre-rust. We are letting you all know now that you may want to hold back more of your own seed this year, especially for our Early Purple variety, as we will not have quite as much available. So sorry for the inconvenience, but this hopefully means we will have even more available next year!

Secondly, we are taking a wee break! We always shut our office doors over Christmas and New Year. Our website will still be live and you can place orders as normal, but we will not be dispatching or answering emails until we open back up in the New Year. Our holiday will be from December 21st 2021 – January 10th 2022. So, our last send out day for dispatch is 16th December 2021.

We can also process Gift Vouchers this last week which can be a great gift idea for a gardener you can’t quite decide what to give them. We can offer the PDF voucher for you to print from home too, which insures you will have it in time 😊

Thirdly, we want to give a warm welcome to our newest edition to the Setha’s Seeds team. Kiersten-Anna joined us in October working part time in our seed gardens! We are overjoyed to have her on board and the gardens are really loving some regular human attention! It is thanks to her that our spring has been such a smooth process. We are so grateful!

We hope you all enjoy the festive season as best you can at the end of a hard year for New Zealand and the world at large. As January rolls in do remember it is time to think about your winter garden! Hard to imagine I know. We sow all our winter veggies in late January early February, usually on Moon opposition Saturn. Take time while you are lounging at the beach to dream up what you want to be eating this winter.

Things to Sow in the Garden Now:

Not much to get underway in December. Hopefully most of your garden is planted, mulched and ready to maintain and await bountiful harvests. We do a small sowing of succession crops like lettuces, beans (sorry we are sold out until we harvest this seasons!), Cucumbers TendergreenDeka or Port Albert or courgettes perhaps. 

If you are light on companion flowers you could always sow some calendulamarigolds or cosmos now to see you through the season.

Our Website is the best place to find the most up to date information on what we have available at all times during the year.

We encourage orders through this medium, but of course we will still accept orders via email from our Catalogue or via the post using our printed order form. And stay tuned as our new catalogue and updated website will be out in July!
And here is our   Order Form PDF  or Order Form Excel
Email orders from the catalogue to:

Or post order forms to: Setha's Seeds PO Box 60, Tutira 4181

And a reminder that selections of our seeds are also available from our Retail Outlets around the country. 

Happy gardening,

Roddy, Setha, Rebecca, Kiersten-Anna and River Rose