🌱 Seed Potatoes Now Available 🌱

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Seed Potatoes Now Available. 1 Kg packs $10.00 plus shipping. Limited Stock.

We have our seed potatoes for sale! Available are small amounts of Chatam Island, Henry's Large White (NEW VARIETY!!!), Hua Karoro, Kowiniwini, Matariki, Peru Peru, Paraketia, Uwhi, and Urenika, available for sale. If you are interested please order soon, as stock is limited.  

In other news, our garlic is in and looking gorgeous! So sorry to inform we have SOLD OUT of our seed garlic for the season. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who ordered and apologies for anyone who missed out. We are hoping to continue to succeed to grow garlic with rust present, and in time be able to expand production.

And here is a new idea to circulate with you all. We have often advertised a workshop and asked folks to come along. This time around, we have had someone contact us from Northland interested in our building workshops; Tiny House Construction and DYI Handyman Skills for the Self Sufficient Lifestyler. We thought we could offer, a full day workshop, combining these two workshops to give an overview of both. I have suggested dates in May (Sat or Sun of May 18th or 25th weekends). If any of you are also interested in attending please email me to express interest, and let me know which date you can make. If neither of these dates work, all good, suggest a new one! We are at the drawing board, so anything is possible.

Things to Sow in the Garden Now:

April is a good time to be transplanting your winter garden veges; some things can still be sown from seed like Tat Soi, Mizuna, Rocket, Arugala, Lettuces, Kale, and Coriander.  And don’t forget the companion flowers like Caledula, Poppies and Lupins. Make sure you have prepared a fertile growing patch with plenty of compost or aged manure.

As your summer gardens are finishing up, make sure to make compost from the crops as they come out as well as sow cover crops.  On our scale, we use cover crops to build soil fertility as well as compost. We have been using Buckwheat, vetch and Lupins mix this season. It is great to see some of the cover crops we let go to seed germinate in beds at this time of year, another sign that nature can be an equal partner and know just when it is right to get the seed under way! 

We often follow Rachel Pomeroy's biodynamic calendar in Organic NZ magazine for inspiration on sowing times.

Our Website is the best place to find the most up to date information on what we have available at all times during the year.

We encourage orders through this medium, but of course we will still accept orders via email from our Catalogue or via the post using our printed order form.
And here is our   Order Form PDF  or Order Form Excel
Email orders from the catalogue to: 

Or post order forms to: Setha's Seeds PO Box 60, Tutira 4181

And a reminder that selections of our seeds are also available from Cornucopia Organics in Hastings and Edible Garden in Ashhurst and the Thames Organic Shop in Thames.

Garlic planting season is happening right now. If you haven't gotten yours in yet, you might want to try planting on April 12th, Moon opposition Saturn, this is a good day to strengthen all seed and form strong structure for plants. This helped us last year to combat rust.

Interested in building skillsEmail us to get on the list for our upcoming building workshop, see below for details.

Potato Henry's Large White is NEW to our collection this year!

Lupin Blue is beautiful and fixes nitrogen into your soil! Plant now.

Still time to plant Spinach Bloomsdale for winter eating.

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Calendula Orange, a great winter companion flower.

Winter lettuce can still be sown now.

Poppies like Hungarian Blue Breadseed and Tyneside Mix can still be sown.