Things to Sow in the Garden Now - September

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September is a great time to sow tomatoespeppers and eggplant. These crops require a long growing season, and heat to germinate, we use a heat pad to keep the soil temperature stable at around 18-20⁰C. This can also be done near the woodstove or in your hot water cupboard.  Remember to bring your seeds out into the light as soon as they germinate.

Don't forget about all the leafy greens and Brassicas as these can all be sown now too, try our Silverbeet Fordhook GiantChard RainbowBroccoli De Cicco & Broccoli Purple SproutingBroccoli Raab Spring RapiniArugula WildCress Land, Rocket, MizunaRed Coral MizunaTat Soi and Lettuces Tree, Speckled, Odell’s, Mignonette, St Vincent and Lollo Rossa. 
Companion flowers are a must in my opnion! You can get underway now or in the next few months Aquilegia Grandmother’s Garden, Dahlias Showpiece Surprise, Evening Primrose, Dianthus Clove Pink, Statice Sea Lavender, Calendula Orange, Echinacea, Lupin Blue, Sweet Williams and Poppies. So many options, some perennial and some annual so make sure you choose the ones that suit your garden best.

We often follow the biodynamic calendar and their recommendation to sow seeds at Moon Opposition Saturn, for these dates, check our website.

Our Website is where to find the most up to date information on what we have available at all times during the year. We encourage orders through this medium, but of course get in touch if you cannot access our seeds this way. We have a list of our seeds and their descriptions we can email to you if need be, so please get in touch if the website does not work for you.

And a reminder that selections of our seeds are also available from our Retail Outlets around the country.