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We are happy to announce our Seed Potatoes, Multiplying Onion Seeds and Elephant Garlic are all in stock on the website. We have had a great season and have more of these on offer than in recent years. And for those spud lovers out there, we have 3 new varieties of seed potatoes on offer this year. Pink Fir, Jersey Bennes and Agria all available for the first time. So, head on over to our website to take a look at those old favourites, or try something new!

For the 4th year, we are sending out bulbils with each Shallot and Tree Onion bulb pack! We have had a great season with these crops, and this is one way to pass that on to you all our valued customers. We are also selling the bulbils separately too, as you get so many of these beauties with the harvest, and they work just like a bulb for seed! We do recommend planting the bulbils first in trays and transplanting out for best results.

                                                ❂ So what is a bulbil!?
Bulbils are the top setting seeds on both the Egyptian Tree Onion and Henry's Flowering Shallot. These top setting seeds are why these crops are sometimes referred to as "walking onions." If left in the ground the tops will fall over and the seeds will grow and give the appearance that the crop is walking across the garden! This also makes them a great food forest crop as they will multiply on their own without needing to be harvested and replanted. For those wanting to grow them in a small garden fear not! These really work well in any situation. 

An easier choice than growing onions from seed. I find onions to be hit or miss when grown from seed, depending on the season. With multiplying onions, they seem to produce well with a lot less effort! When planted in a well fertilised bed and mulched, pretty much nothing can go wrong. And did I mention how sweet they taste! They are delicious raw or cooked. We hope you love them as much as we do!
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We are listing today all of the stock we have for these products. So even if a day after this newsletter goes out our website states: “we are sold out some of the varieties.” I am sorry to say this will be the truth.

And remember the best thing you can do is to save some of your harvest of potatoes and multiplying onions or garlic for next seasons planting! So, we wish you all bountiful harvests and some spare to hold back for the following year.
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What to sow now:
Besides the Multiplying onions, and Elephant garlic, make sure you get in some of these scrumptious winter veges!
Broccoli Purple Sprouting and Romanesco are designed for autumn sowing as they will not produce a crop if sown in spring until the following winter! So, try these delicious vegetables now. Broccoli De Cicco, Broccoli Raab Spring Rapini, Cabbage Chi Hi Li, Silverbeet Fordhook Giant, Spinach Bloomsdale, Corn Salad, Cress Land, Mustard Giant Red, Orach Red, Coriander, and Salad Burnet can all be sown now. 
We sow lettuces each month to keep in constant supply, now we focus on the cooler season varieties like Winter, Lollo Rossa, Tree, and Speckled. Now is also a good time to get Asian greens like Mizuna, and Tat Soi in, as well as Rocket and Wild Arugula to keep in supply. If these all sounds good, try our Easy Pick Greens Mix! 
Remember, with all brassicas they are susceptible to the white cabbage butterfly, so to protect from this, we recommend covering your crops while they get established with fine frost cloth, or remove the caterpillars by hand. Of course, there are organic sprays available, but we do not use these. We prefer instead to create a barrier so the butterflies cannot lay their eggs. Problem solved.
Don’t forget about flowers for the winter garden! Calendulas, Poppies, Lupins and Sweet Peas are frost hardy and beautiful!
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