Get Your Yam Seeds Now and What to Sow - September

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Just a quick note to let you all know our yams are ready for sale. We have been run off our feet with orders since our website launch for the season, which is great news! Thanks to you all for getting your seeds from us. This means we have not had time to pre-pack the yam orders. We have decided to list 30 orders to start and we will see how we go. We will be listing more as we sell them until we are sold out. So, if you come onto the website and the yams are sold out either check back in a day or two or shoot us an email and we will let you know if we have more available. Thanks for your patience as we work through all the seed orders at the same time.

We find these heritage yams to be richer in flavour and sweetness from the ones available in supermarkets. Our favourite for flavour is Henry’s Yellow yam, but our three colours together are a lovely mix of earthy sweetness! Our favourite way to prepare them is roasted until they are soft and the sugars have caramelised.  

Spring is still around the corner, but in the nursery, it feels like it has well and truly arrived. Do not delay getting your crops underway. I am busy pricking out our first seed sowing at the moment. If you have not started yet, fear not, still plenty of time to get seed sowing for tones of things! See below for our recommendations on what to sow now:

 ❂ Chard Rainbow 
 ❂ Arugula Wild 
 ❂ Cress Land 
 ❂ Rocket 
 ❂ Mizuna 
 ❂ Tat Soi
Heat Loving Crops:
 ❂ Tomatoes
These need to get an early start and a warm place to germinate. 18-degree Celsius minimum temperature is necessary to get these babies to shoot.
Don’t forget the companion flowers and herbs! You can get underway now or in the next few months:
 ❂ Lupin Blue 
 ❂ Phacelia
 ❂ Poppies 
So many options, some perennial and some annual so make sure you choose the ones that suit your garden best. 
As for herbs to get underway now:      
 ❂ Sage White 

We often follow the biodynamic calendar and their recommendation to sow seeds at Moon Opposition Saturn, for these dates, check here.